January 2021 - New seasonal beer - The Mimotep

An unexpected collaboration for a unique seasonal beer

Renaud, our brewer, was looking for a partner to create a new seasonal beer. In came Quentin, aka LEVAROIS, a blogger exploring the Var. So started the ideal pairing for this crazy project !

Quentin was very enthusiastic about the idea of discovering brewing techniques and creating his own recipe. He quickly arranged to visit the brewery and meet Renaud!

The chemistry between these two beer lovers worked very quickly and when it came to thinking about the ingredients of their recipe, it was an idea that seemed a little crazy at the beginning that finally created the event : a local beer. never brewed before, with mimosa. 


To make this 1000-liter brew, 2 kg of mimosa flowers were needed and it was the Vial family from Tanneron, in Pays de Fayence, who gave free access to their mimosa fields. A big thank you to them!

What ?
A seasonal beer whose remarkable ingredient is mimosa, an emblematic tree of Provence which symbolizes the sun in winter

To promote the region, highlight local craftsmanship and then of course, to simply have a good time sharing

Different stages allow the creation of this beer: The harvest of the mimosa and its pruning (2kg, 10 people, 4h) -Infusion of the mimosa and incorporation into the beer -Starting of fermentation of the beer - bottling and, of course, tasting!

Renaud (manager/brewer of the Tailleur de Bière brewery located in Cotignac), Quentin (well-known blogger in LEVAROIS, specializing in finding all the good places to visit in the Var) & The Vial de Tanneron family, who donated 2Kg of mimosas to us. A big thank you to them!

Our adventure takes place in small, picturesque village of Cotignac in the Haut Var

Why Mimotep?
The name is a nod to Egypt, the country that first created beer over 5,000 years ago!

So in March, the Mimotep will be available! You will find it on our Beer webshop and at the main retailers.
To pre-order please email us at: shop@latufcraftbeer.com
Eshop : easybeer.fr/latufcraftbeer
Read about the full history of Mimotep: levarois.com

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