Saffron Triple

If you appreciate a complex beer and like strong flavours. Awaken your taste buds. Be ready to taste, and be surprised by, this Saffron Triple.

EBC (colour)          IBU (bitterness)          Alcohol ABV 8%

A characterful blonde with flavors of white fruit and hints of spirits. Saffron gives it a perfect balance between bitterness, aromas and alcohol.

This interesting beer was born from the collaboration of the famous brewer Bernard Van den Bogaert (former CEO of the De Koninck brewery in Antwerp) and our brewer Renaud.

Bernard trained Renaud in the different stages of production of this delicious recipe and they have both decided to donate part of the profits from the sale of this Triple to fund medical research using brewer's yeast as an experimental model to replace animal testing. You are therefore not only drinking a complex and interesting beer, but you are also making a donation to research. Please read further about this fund: Brewing Science Serves Health Fund


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