A Sensory Experience

Enlighten your senses ! As an independent microbrewer and brewpub, we love to experiment with new recipes and tailor our beers to seasonal ingredients. We therefore offer a varied and fun choice of beers with fruity or herbal characteristics and flavours, all available on tap. 

So far we have brewed many exciting seasonal beers. For example, during fig season we crafted a delicious fig beer, and then a quince beer ! Our raspberry Berliner Weisse sour beer was so popular that it is now a menu staple. We have plenty on offer for our curious and intrepid beer patrons!

The Concept behind our Microbrewery

The concept of our microbrewery is to share our curiosity and love for beer production. We want our patrons to enjoy discovering our beers alongside the great atmosphere of our brewpub, and relish the events on offer during the week (live music concerts, brewing workshops, blind tasting, games nights, and more…)

While you enjoy your beer you might even spot our lead brewer, Renaud, preparing a new brew! He is constantly trying out new recipes and experimenting with flavours just to delight our patrons with a new taste experience.

Beer's basic ingredients

Water, malt, hops and yeast. Using various processes that extract the sugar from the malt, the brewer then collects the wort (sweet juice) and stores it in a tank. To this the yeast is added, which merges with the sugar and slowly creates the drink we love – BEER ! Every beer on offer at La Tuf has been crafted and created on site by Renaud, our talented brewer.

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