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T-shirts, Sweat-shirts, Tabliers, Tote bags, Bons cadeaux…

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La Tuf T Shirt

Our iconic La Tuf T-shirt assures that you have a trendy and relaxed look.
Its straight cut and round neckline flatters all shapes and sizes.
La Tuf tablier apron
La Tuf Apron

This stylish Apron, in Navy color, fits all shapes and sizes perfectly to protect your favorite clothes!
Made from high quality cotton with faux leather straps.
It has 2 large pockets on the front, the neck strap is height-adjustable and the straps in the back are suitable for all sizes.
La Tuf Sweatshirt

This cozy sweatshirt gives you a relaxed, urban look for winter and summer! Made of high-quality cotton and is available for men and women.
La Tuf Tote Bag

We are done with beer cartons! Here is the solution to protect your 6-pack of beer in a stylish eco-friendly way 🙂
Large enough for 6 bottles. Let the party begin!

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