Welcome to our Brewery!

Chez le Tailleur de Bière,vous pouvez vous attendre à une expérience au delà d’une simple bière. Après avoir admiré la petite terrasse et sa cascade de Tuf, quand vous rentrez chez le Tailleur de bière, vous allez tout d’abord entendre Renaud ou un(e) serveus(e) vous saluer et vous souhaiter la bienvenue.

Bar Service

At Le Tailleur de Bière we have a bar service A microbrewery requires special attention at the production level and, as you can imagine, is not solely limited to the management of the bar. It is for this reason that we invite our customers to come and place their order at the bar.

A Great Time

If you are visiting us for the first time, your curiosity will be piqued by the atmosphere dominated by stainless steel beer tanks, old stone walls, characterful bar space and the 'Tuf' stone arch which leads your eye upwards. Our upstairs lounge is where you will discover a welcoming space with comfortable sofas, a wood stove and many games available. You will be able to have a good time relaxing, chatting and enjoying one of our beers. 


We organize beer discovery evenings, blind tastings, karaoke, card evenings and live music concerts. You can not only enjoy a good beer but also experience great moments of meeting and sharing.

We are happy to find that we have people from all generations coming to the pub, and enjoy seeing how strangers are able to relax in the atmosphere and strike up a conversation with each other. You can imagine that we are happy when our customers have a great experience during their stay with us.

The Terrace

The small outdoor terrace has an incredible charm. In a corner near the entrance, water flows over a rocky cascade towards a small fish pond. The shade of a tree guarantees a moment of relaxation during a break from the bustling village market or an aperitif on a warm evening...

The New Terrace

The popularity of Le Tailleur de Bière is growing rapidly. We have constructed a new terrace which accommodates many more beer lovers and many more good times. Concerts are held in the summer and there is even be a barbecue available.

New Terrace - Rental Possibility

Are you looking for somewhereto celebrate a birthday? An aperitif before your wedding? A large group of friends? You will soon be able to rent the new terrace for your private events.

Please feel free to contact us for any information!

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