Since 2019 our microbrewery has been up and running with Lou Calen hotel estate. Our brewpub has been built into the old laundry rooms of the vintage hotel, now fitted out as a bar with outdoor terraces and gardens.

La Tuf & Le Tailleur de Bière

  • Le Tailleur de Bière is a playful pun (on ‘Tailleur de Pierre’) and refers to the former profession of Renaud, our brewmaster, who was a talented stonemason.
  • La Tufis the local label for our beer, and also refers to the stone of the cliff and rocks that dominate our legendary village of Cotignac.

Renaud, our brewmaster

Renaud is Belgian and has lived in France since 2008. He was not always a beer brewer. After 5 years of training at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgium, Renaud became a designer passionate about stone quarries. He spent a lot of time drawing in quarries until the day he decided to cut and sculpt the stone.

The passion for stone did not leave him and he trained to become a stone mason and worked for two years in a workshop in Belgium. Renaud finally left his native country to settle in Cotignac and set up a stone-cutting workshop.

Then one day he decided to make beer in his garage. He bought some small equipment and launched into the production of 20 liters a month. He loved the process. It was then proposed to him, by his business partner, that he create a microbrewery in the former laundromat at the Lou Calen hotel, a place steeped in history.

History of the Building

The building that houses our microbrewery is part of the Lou Calen estate, which had its heyday from the 70s to the 90s. Closed for 20 years, it is coming back to life and will soon revitalize the entrance to the village (

This part of the building was in very poor condition and the strengthening of the construction and build of the new layout of the brewery took nine months. This was done by local builders and artisans led by Renaud, and Romuald Legué, the resident mason, and his team. They created this unique place where the smallest detail was carefully considered to highlight the magic that happens today.


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